Prof. Cheng gives an invited talk on 2011 Intermag -04/30/2011

2011 Intermag, Taipei

Prof. Cheng was invited to present her research on spin dynamics of magnetic vortices in patterned magnetic disks on  2011 IEEE International Magnetics Conference held in Taipei, Taiwan from April 25 to 29.

The magnetic vortex is a three-dimensional spin structure that consists of a circulating in-plane magnetization and an out-of-plane vortex core. The in-plane magnetization of a vortex can have two chiralities (clockwise or counterclockwise) and the vortex core can have two polarities (up or down), making it attractive for information storage. The spin dynamics of magnetic vortices have been of great interest because they not only offer insights into fundamental magnetization processes but also have potential applications in nonvolatile data storage.
Prof. Cheng and her collaborator, Dr. David Keavney, from Argonne National Laboratory have used x-ray PEEM in a pump-probe arrangement to image the response of magnetic vortices in lithography patterned Permalloy disks to fast magnetic field pulses. Her invited talk entitled “Time-resolved PEEM studies of nonlinear vortex dynamics” was well received.

Prof. Cheng also served as one of the judges for “the Best Student Presentation” on this conference.

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